A M&RIE story for beginners

I’m wearing a hearing aid for the first time now for about a month. Just one ear works but needs amplification. I purchased a Jabra with M&RIE. I like the natural sound. Last night it seemed like the All Around setting was providing weak amplification. I put in a new battery. No change. I switched to the Restaurant setting and it was working fine. Now mind you my All Around Directionality is set to M&RIE rather than Omnidirectional as my choice due to tininess in Omnidirectional . The Restaurant is Autoscope. I took the Aid out again and gave the M&RIE microphone filter a good brushing. There was no visible dirt on it. I put the Aid on again and it was like new. It was louder that it had been over the last week. So, morals of the story are: 1. The M&RIE setting on All Around is highly dependent on the M&RIE microphone, more so then I expected based on the description in Smart Fit. 2. The microphone filter on the M&RIE receiver does get dirty even though it faces outward and leads to markedly reduced performance of the M&RIE microphone.

When I had my last fitting session at Costco, the audiologist gave me wax filters for the receiver and tulip domes, no microphone filters. I can’t find them online or even a part number from GN. If anyone knows of an online supplier or a part number, please give a shout out.

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I hope a more qualified member than myself will comment, but this doesn’t sound right to me. Sounds like a bad connection that your cleaning brush reestablishes when you brush it.

I get the occasional cerumen flake on my mic ports, sometimes,but I’ve never had “dirty mic” problems in 16 years. I think you should let your audi check this one out.

I appreciate your comments. This is the first in the canal microphone. It’s subject to the same wax as the receiver.

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Okay. Sorry to comment on something I didn’t understand.

You may still be right. There may be a loose connection that I jostled while cleaning. It wouldn’t be the first time that something was more apparent than real. If it happens again, we’ll know.

As I have the same HA I am interested as well. I try to clean them every night, and am mostly successful ;).

My Costco hearing aid center keeps the M&RIE filters in stock, and will give me a supply as I need them. This video shows how to change them.


@sabergermd: It was this description that prompted my suspicion of a faulty electrical connection - especially the part of a perception of greatly increased sensitivity, all of a sudden.

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Thanks. I’ve seen that and I know that Costco has them. The staff there are people I’d rather not deal with if I don’t have to. I would rather pay for it online rather than deal with them.

Like the green crusty wire in the wire harness.

Yup! Do you have one of them?

When you’re in a quiet situation, most of your sound will be coming through that receiver mic.

When you have the M&RIE receivers and All Around set up with All Access Directionality the in-ear mics are active in quiet environments. When noise is present the All Access Directionality uses only the two mics on each hearing aid.

When you have All Around set up with M&RIE directionality the in-ear mics work in all listening situations. Been there, done that so I could experience the difference in the settings.

And @sabergermd mentioned that the one aid is set with M&RIE directionality in the All Around program.

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I have one aid. The other ear is just for show. The one aid is set to All Around, with Directionality set to M&RIE. The majority of sound is coming from the in ear mic. I know that the issue was with the in ear mic because in Restaurant Program with Autoscope Directionality, the sound that I was missing returned and when I went back to M&RIE it disappeared. When I cleaned the in ear mic filter, the sound returned to normal. As has already been stated, the return of the in ear mic contribution may have been due to the brushing or the reestablishment of a loose connection in the aid. Only time will tell.

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