A Health Thermometer I Can Hear?

I have an older oral digital thermometer that beeps quietly while it tests, then there is a series of same beeps when it done. It’s impossible to hear for me. Any suggestions?

Either do some trials with somebody that can hear it and come up with a time estimate of how long it takes and just time it, or get one with a visual indicator.

Maybe get an infrared one, they take the temperature pretty much instantly and if it’s high you can see it change colour when the reading is complete. If you want to keep your current thermometer maybe use it in front of a mirror so you can see the screen?

I ordered one that takes 8 seconds. The two old ones I have take 1 to 2 minutes and that gets old fast. I had considered an infrared thermometer, but for now I want to stick with oral.

I always wonder when the nurse takes my ear temp, a moment after I remove my HA, if having my ear canal plugged with the aid affects the temperature measurement at all. They never say anything so I guess it’s OK.