A good audiologist can save you money


I have read threads about how going to an audiologist is very expensive vs getting your HA’s on line. I agree that going to an audiologist and buying your HA’s from them is very expensive but in my case, I think that it saved me money. My first audiologist was fitting me with two HA’s and I only needed one in my left hear, saving me half of the cost. I didn’t know much about HA’s and I trialed OPN1 (2x), Signia, Quattro and Phonak over a 4 month period at no cost to me. I chose Phonak Marvel 13T and while trialing the audiologist made adjustments based upon my experience. I got my aid on Friday and it was fitted to me based upon the adjustment made during my trial. I figure that I am paying about $1500 extra for service after the cost of the aid. For this money, I get a great fitting from day one, 3 years of batteries,etc. replacement insurance if I lose the aid, regular hearing exams once a hear, and at the end of the third year, a refurbishment of the aid. I could have saved money by going the 70 level of aid but didn’t. I plan on keeping my aid for 6+ years and if I am successful, the $1500 may prove to be well spent.

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