A first post on the second day

My British Army Medical centre has just issued me with a
Oticon Synchro known as a Oticon Spirit 3 in the United Kingdom.

I wore it four hours yesterday, mostly at home, and six hours today at the conference centre I run - breakfast with a dining room full of 50 young teenagers was absolutely fine. Most of the morning was fairly quiet in the office - one-to-one conversations, and a few phone calls. By the end of the morning I was beginning to tire, but had been impressed with the clarity.

My hearing has been failing for a while. A couple of years ago I was 50dB down in the high frequencies in the left ear. Now it is 60dB and 30dB down on the right.

So I have a BTE aid with a thin sound tube for my left ear - let’s see how I go.

Thank you for posting.

We are all glad to hear you are doing well with your new Oticon hearing aids.

This is a very quiet forum - is there somewhere more noisey?