A few ks 10 questions

  1. Watching TV the volume in the HA’s changes . I will adjust tv volume and then have the aid need to have volume adjusted manually, either up or down? Also, they seem to get a little louder and clearer if I go into the next room.

  2. Easy Remote only connects to the right HA? And it will drop out regularly?

  3. New phone is on the horizon. Is Apple better than Android to use with the HA’s?

  4. Can I manually click the aids to a music program?

Your aids are changing programs, AutoSense. The tuning between programs may be too much, this tuning difference can be annoying to some.

  1. New phone is on the horizon. Is Apple better than Android to use with the HA’s?
    My wife has an iPhone and I had Android, really didn’t see any difference as far as Bluetooth connections.

  2. Can I manually click the aids to a music program?
    Have your fitter add a music program. Great idea.

Good luck

About the TV viewing - I found I was switching from autosense quiet program to autosense music program when watching a lot of TV shows - Not ideal.
If you look in your Easyline app there is a TV setting/program you can manually select - this will stop the switching whilst watching TV. Once you have done that the first time, If you have a spare custom spot on your manual program change (clicking the switch behind your ear) then the TV program will fill the next available slot so you can select it without having to go to easyline each time.

Hmmn , Have had not so good experiences with Easyline. It doesn’t connect to left HA and drops/crashes within 15 mins of setting. Also, I have yet to find anything that demonstrates how to use the manual clicking works. I just click away until it sound ok. If there are instructions can you please post them

Can’t help you with connection issues - I have an iPhone and have had no problems. Either talk to your audi or try all the usual suspects- Reboot; reinstall; update etc etc.

The manual clicking is an integral part of the KS10s - your Audi should have demonstrated the use to you and they can also print out personalised instructions from within their target software - otherwise look at https://www.ks10userportal.com/ when it comes back up (currently down for some reason - usually fine)

Below is the user-guide which you MAY have with your package although you probably have the quick start guide. The ACTUAL programs you can access with the switches varies with your programs as set up by the audi, but the first one is usually autosense. If you choose NOT to use easyline then you may miss out on some of the functionality such as user configurable/selectable custom programs that would solve your issue with the TV. Also note that the firmware in the KS10s and the easyline app have been updated since this guide was pronted. The essentials are unchanged BUT there are some improvements.

Good luck!

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Thank You for this reponse

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