9 day update on my new phonak brio 3 RIC

So far I love these hearing aids,
voice clarity for me has been excellent I’ve not misheard conversation’s in one to one settings or group conversation’s I tried this out in various places including a bar, a friends game night and at home.
My husband is happy to not have me go hold up and have to run through 2 rooms to hear him they’ve worked so well I’ve been able to converse with him in the next room without a HUH?
Currently I only have the preset programs that are automatically used an have not added personal ones I intend to ask if there can be a MUTE one for those moments when I don’t want to fiddle with the battery for no sound. I’m still trying to decide if I need any personal ones yet but I still have about 3 weeks till my adjustment appointment.

I opted for RIC with what I think is called a cshell mould and so far have found this incredibly comfortable and easy to remove and put in daily. I actually forget I have them in sometimes as I have no ear soreness inside or above the ear where they sit, added to this a concern of mine was to the hearing aid would flip or bump around due to being a wire vs a tube. So far it’s not flipped off my ear once compared to my BTE which I always had to adjust or plop back onto my ear if I did anything activity wise.

Music does sound a bit better I wouldn’t say stellar or overwhelming I can pick sounds and songs more than I used to with previous hearing aids but for me music isn’t something that I indulge in unless I use a mp3 player and I tend to use ear buds so this area for me is a none issue.

Car rides I used to detest being in a car as I never could hear a word said. In the last week I’ve been able to talk as a back seat passenger and front seat passenger to people and converse and hear everything without having people twist to face me or me face them. This has made me want to go driving more instead of eh can we walk an talk or sitting in silence and nodding, I absalutely love this program phew no more what or huh or that exasperated over pronounced repeats like I’m an idiot :smirk:

General daily walks are definitely a new experience for sounds and I do notice my hearing aid sometimes trying to pick a program for cars driving past almost like it tries to dim the noise down while focusing on the direction… I’m not sure how to explain this it’s the like it’s trying to use two microphones and switching back and forth. Again not an issue just a little confusing as can’t always tell how far or close a car is when it does that. One setting makes it seem further away the other makes it sound like it’s right next to me. I love that I can now hear birds better and general animal noises, my kids however HATE that I can now hear them trying to sneak into kitchen or mutter snide comments under breath. Before they’d try the I didn’t say anything palava now it doesn’t wash and they know it.

Tv watching is far more pleasurable I am finding I do not have to rely solely on captioning before these phonaks I’d spend most of a program reading what was going on now I’m noticing I actually watch the TV vs read because I actually hear what’s being said vs just utter confusion.

Battery life so far for me is 9 days per aid and counting as I do not stream or use a compilot at this point, I changed one battery early due to a issue I had which I will explain about shortly. This seems to be a good run usually I average about 7-10 days with an older outdated pair of hearing aids.

Volume I usually have mine set around the 3 press mark unless it’s quiet then it’s bumped up to around 4 it seems for me there is 12 steps on volume with no mute choice though. Anything above 5 is very loud I’ve not had to go past the 4th volume setting.

Feedback control for me has been amazing, not once have my hearing aids whistled with hugs, eating, talking or even just being lazy and watching TV in bed. I’ve spent my life apologising or squinting about feeback when it happened that I never really knew what is was like not to constantly think on where to put my head or I a hug was going to irritate me or the other person. I could and still am tempted to hug my Costco’s fitter on this because she promised me I’d have little or no feedback and she was right. I may hear a very faint chirp when the aid is removed or turned on but it’s so quiet I can only hear it if I leave a aid in!

Now for the issues the first has occurred twice once on my 3rd day and once today. My left hearing aid will suddenly produce something that sounds like a electrical buzz or resembles what I would say the static buzz/hiss like the old analogue tv channel where there was no signal. It starts or as a slightly muted hiss like a car is passing then grows louder untill it cuts in and out on sound or only feeds the high pitch portion. If volume is increased it will then cut in and out and only focus on the buzz. I actually listened to it with my right hearing aid when it happened today to see if it might have been my left :ear:due to a cold Nope it was the hearing aid. Initially I thought it was a wax guard being clogged and changed both. But it did not remedy the noise after a 3 hour panic I changed the battery, this stopped it the first time.

Today I tried a different method I removed the hearing aid removed the battery compartment and let it sit for a few minutes and retried seemed ok for about 2 minutes then restarted. I did the same and left it off for about 5 minutes and it seemed to fix the issue.I can pinpoint it to either it gets stuck/hung up switching a program or it seems a loud bang next to the mic sets it off in today’s case I caught a trash can on a chair and the noise started about a minute after. The first time was after putting the hearing aids with no loud noises just a late night conversation with my husband.

And my second issue wind noise while it does work and helps mute it I’m not sure how it is supposed to work or if it’s even set it will reduce the sound of wind but can also reduce voices if it’s loud enough.

Overall so far I am incredibly happy with my Costco’s purchase and would highly recommend them to those on a budget and if it’s a first set of hearing aids, I will definitely be interested in purchasing a compilot and possibly a tv steamer just for those moments when I don’t want a tv to be louder at night while my husband sleeps. It will also be interesting to see how they function at my daughter’s last choir performance next month I always dreaded these as I could never hear a single song just maybe music tones I’d just sit and go ugh at just noise.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the update


Glad things are going so well.

I would recommend mentioning to the audiologist what happened with your left HA in case it’s something that shouldn’t be happening.

@zebras thank you for the reply. The random wierd buzz issue is on my to discuss list with my fitter in 30 years I’ve never had anything similar happen with other hearing aids. So I’m hoping it doesn’t reoccur if it does I will be asking for an earlier appointment :blush:

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Loubylou, your Phonak Brio review update put a smile on my face this morning. I very much enjoyed reading how your new aids are making so many everyday situations and events in your life better. I’m very happy for you.

I can identify with much of your story as I’m having similar positive results with my new hearing aids as well.

Thank you for starting my day with such an uplifting review.

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That’s great! 30 years in the making. :slight_smile:

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@Mikejl I’m glad you enjoyed the positive review, I understand it’s a trial for many but my opinion towards hearing aids changed about 10 years ago before that point I hated analogues once I had digital things really changed for me! I’m glad your experience is going well too

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@KenP thank you Ken no kidding it’s definitely a good feeling to hear everything properly.

It might be the t-coil

I get weird sounds from motion detectors. There’s quite a discussion about it if one searches the forum.

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I notice also that if I turn down the back ground noise,my voice seems lower and people that are talking to me also is lower.

Very happy it’s working out for you!! All the best!