8 or 16 channelS

hi there i am new to this forum and i live in the middle east.

i have been sufferring from hearing loss for many years now and at long last the penny has dropped and i have to buy two hearing aids. They are all pretty expensive, but i have been told that the digital ones are the best.

My problem is what to buy? either 8 channels or 16 channels? the difference in price is quite high and the company says either will do.

my hearing problem is this…

i call it third party noise. one-on -one and i have no problem, however if i watch a dvd or i am talking to a person and there is background noise, then all i hear is gibberish. i now have to get dvd’s with subtitles and am being constantly told to turn the t.v down. When i talk on skype or my cell phone, no problem. restaraunts and shopping centers are a night-mare and pubs are the worst as i just cannot understand anything that is being said.

anybody out there can give me some advice it will be really appreciated.


I suggest you to post your audiogram.
From what you write I can understand that two hearing aids will be a great help. Because its your first digital and because the company said either will do the job I suggest 8 channels to save the money.
I am using two Phonac Certena (around 1.000 UK pounds each) and when I do not use them I can realise that I am virtually deaf. I mean that the difference is big.
Also I have a question, how the hard of hearing people treated by the societies in the middle east? I guess that your life can be difficult sometimes. I am greek and I know some things.

I am not a professional, but see an Audi then can sell Bernafon Verite

Costco sells these devices, IMHO they are great.

Start with your audiogram. If your hearing loss is Mild or Moderate, you will find affordable 32 channel units at www.americahears.com that you will be able to adjust yourself with your computer (or internet). However, I don’t know about shipping to the middle east…

Firstly, thanks for all the prompt replies.

Iwill try and get my audiogram posted asap.

They have a very advanced medical system here with excellent doctors. The hearing aid market like the optometrist market is wide open with a range of products from Europe and the states.

i have been recommended a product called “UNITRON NEXT 8” and NEXT 16". http://www.precisehearing.com/Unitron-Next-Hearing-Aids_0_76.html?gclid=CNj9ks2bs54CFUOX2AodIkSZmQ

The problem here is basically which company to go for as there are so many choices. Obviously price is a major factor along with reliability and service. My brother who lives in N.Z. has a siemens hearing aid and he is really happy.

One big advantage with the unitron folks is the fact that they give me a 30 day trial period and this to me is a major selling point. A year ago i purchased bi-focals and could not get used to them a total waste of money !Prices range from $2500 - $5000.(for 2 devices)

My biggest fear is that i will go for an 8 channel hearing aid and two years down the line i will have to go for a sixteen odel.

the question arises would i be better to invest in the expensive model or go for the 8 channel and see what happens in a few years time ?

again thanks for all the advice


Assuming the only difference between aids is the number of channels, and assuming that you have the typical high frequency loss with moderate slope, and assuming that you do not have distortion generated by your cochlea at a number of frequencies…then 8 channels is more than enough.

The only use for lots of channels (above 5 or so) is to specially handle multiple trouble frequencies or to inverse match an unusual steep loss curve with lots of recruitment.

For most HOH people 16 channels is overkill and only helps the mfg’s and dispensers make more profit. Some experts point out that some distortion is always generated between unmatched adjacent channels so that the more unmatched channels the more distortion the aid self generates. (tech note: phase shift in skirt overlap is the main problem and the more channels the slower the FFT through-put time) Ed


The difference between the Next 8 and the Next 16 is fairly small in price and even smaller in performance. Assuming that either could handle your hearing loss as you were told I have a suggestion.

Unitron is in the process of replacing Next with Latitude. So go with the Latitude 8 and get the optional Smart Remote. The price will be about what you would pay for a pair of Latitude 16s. I would much rather go with the 8s and have the ability to adjust volume and tone in all memories.

Ronnie, I wonder how did the 8 channel fare against the 16? Cause I have the same issue and wondering which Phonak to get. Audeo S V or Audeo S III?
My hearing loss is only high frequency loss. I should get my Audiogram. Most people here have it. Thanks for the support all.

The Unitron Next range is already obsolete - at least in the UK.

Look at the date of the original post …

They are now three product iterations old.

Look at the date of the original post …

Oops … archeology already!