7 Questions for hearing aid users

Hello, I am an undergraduate student studying Audiology. I have an assignment where I need to ask several people who wear hearing aids some questions (7). If anyone would like to assist I would be grateful. They are listed below.

  1. How long have you worn your hearing aids?
  2. For how long before you got your hearing aids did you suspect you had a hearing loss?
  3. How long do you wear your hearing aids each day?
  4. Do you feel like you get benefit from your hearing aids?
  5. What complaints do you have about your hearing aids?
  6. Do you feel like your hearing aids have lived up to what your audiologist or hearing
    aid dealer told you they would do?
  7. Did you get your hearing aids from an audiologist or a hearing aid dealer?
  1. 2.5 years
  2. Decades
  3. Varies
  4. Yes
  5. That I need them at all
  6. Yes
  7. Hearing aid dealer to use your terminology
  1. 10 yeas off and on
  2. 30 years
  3. 13-15 hours
  4. Yes
  5. Comfort in the ear canal, custom molds big help
  6. Self Programming
  7. No, all from eBay
  1. 7 months
  2. 38 years
  3. 16 hours
  4. Yes
  5. Too many to list but; do not get full correction in left ear, hearing with high background noise is difficult
  6. Yes, but they did not promise full correction
  7. Costco, with a hearing aid specialist as the fitter

15 years
From the time I wake up to go to bed
Can’t live without them
Nothing wish I hadn’t waited so long
More so
I am late lucky I get my aids from the Veterans Administration, may hearing loss is due to military service

  1. A little over a month.
  2. 26 years.
  3. Between 16-18 hours a day.
  4. Absolutely!
  5. That they are not totally waterproof. I love the rain and would love to be able to wear it while walking or biking in the rain. I would also love other colors available.
  6. Yes.
  7. Neither. I ordered them online from the manufacturer.


  1. 41 years.

  2. My parents - about 5 years.

  3. About 15 hours a day

  4. Absolutely

  5. Not really a complaint - but an acceptance that they do not restore normal hearing and in some situations - noise/groups - do not currently track speakers and bring clarity.

  6. Yes. As the audiologist was candid about limitations of aid

  7. Audiologist.

1…47 years
2…10 years
3…15 hours
5…I do not like the magnetic t-coil for phone use
7…hearing aid specialist

13 mo
5+ yr
16-18 hr
noise in wind, (bicyclist)
no, first three audiologist clinics - YES, last place (Costco)
Costco, licensed Hearing Instrument Specialtst

Is the idea of this assignment to simply gather data for a spreadsheet? Seems like too small of a sample for something like that. I would venture to say that you might get more out of this assignment by meeting people face to face. Here’s an idea. Contact several Hearing Aid Providers in your area. Telling them you’re looking to interview some of their patients. Be sure to ask for patients across the age spectrum, hearing aids aren’t just for old people you know. Leave your contact information so the patients can call you. Offer coffee and maybe a bagel for the interview. Meet the patients at Starbucks or Panera Bread or some such place. I think having a chat over coffee with actual human beings who are living with hearing loss would yield you much richer results.

  1. 8 months
  2. 27 years
  3. 10-12 hours
  4. yes
  5. Uncomfortable in the ear canal, I have to adjust and move them frequently because they come out
  6. I guess
  7. eBay, self programming.
  1. 9 Years

  2. Since childhood

  3. Varies depends on how my ears are feelings as i have eustachian tube dysfunction that comes and goes

  4. Yes

  5. Current cros aids focus in on the voices close to me rather than allowing me to hear all voices around me without moving about a lot

  6. Kind of problems with multiple voice clarity as current bicros tends to drown out further away voices i may want to hear

  7. Audiologist

  1. since I was 6 months old
  2. my parents suspected there was something wrong
  3. 10 hrs a day
  4. yep!
  5. no complaints here, just wax in the earmolds which is crazy LOL!!!
  6. they did but now I’m ready to move on with a new pair anyways!
  7. both!
  1. 14 tears
  2. 1 to 2 years
  3. 16 hours
  4. Not any more, that is why I see an ENT about a cochlear implant tomorrow
  5. Hearing in noise, or lack there of
  6. They did when I got them, my ears have gotten worse.
  7. Audiologist.

I think it would help if you asked our age & sex, too. I’m currently 64, female. Weighing in here with my own saga:

  1. 34 years
  2. 27 years - seriously!
  3. 15 hours/day
  4. Benefits? How do I count the ways!!! Absolutely critical.
  5. Not always as comfortable as I’d like; also am working to improve SPEECH in noisy environments.
  6. Yes - and I also feel there is additional potential in these aids that I’m trying to harness for even more satisfaction using them.
  7. My same audiologist I’ve seen for 14 years now.
  1. 5 years
  2. 30 years
  3. 8-10 h
  4. Yes
  5. No strong complaints really
  6. Thry exceeded what i was told they would do
  7. Audiologist

Funny. I answered this survey because there weren’t demographic questions. I never answer those on human surveys. (I never answer automated surveys to begin with)

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  1. 9 weeks
  2. Maybe a year?
  3. About 14 hours
  4. Yes
  5. The only color choices for adults were camouflage (matching skin or hair). They make fun colors for kids! Age discrimination!!
  6. I did plenty of research prior so I wasn’t relying on the audiologist.
  7. Audiologist because that was the only way my insurance plan would contribute.
    I agree that age of responder matters. Wearing HAs for ten years if you are 14 is quite different from if you are 70.
  1. About a year
  2. Hearing loss noted on Navy discharge, but when I couldn’t understand my grandson sitting on my lap, I acted. (about 45 years later)
  3. All day - 16 hrs
  4. Without question
  5. Still have problems with speech in noise. Currently experimenting with a Connectclip.
  6. Yes.
  7. Audiologist. First exam private practice, then VA.

Thank you to everyone who took their valuable time contributing to these quesions.