$6600 for Phonak M90 plus $900 for replacement?

Has anyone out there gotten a better deal on their Phonak Audeo Marvel 90s?

I am interested in a set of Phonak Audeo Marvel 90s, since my Signa Insurance says we can only buy HAs from within the Amplifon network (so my Costco KS9s are not covered). I would like to find an audi that can get me an all-included price (after subtracting what insurance covers) for less than my out-of-pocket Costco price of $1500. The best retail prices I’ve found online for a pair of the M90s is $3600, and so I think I can find an audi that can come close to that price? Signa will cover up to $5000, but an audiologist wants $6600, plus $250 for audiogram, plus $450 per replacement of each hearing aid, once. That’s a total of $7750 for what Costco supplies for $1500.

Why the extreme markup? And why wouldn’t insurance companies rather pay Costco?


There is a good thread on insurance claims with Costco hearing aids right now.

The $6600 plus$250 for an audiogram plus $900 for loss replacement seems pretty steep, but prices vary a lot depending on where you live. You could look on the HearingTracker site for recommended audis in your area. You could also try negotiating. Depending on where you live, I would think you could find a pair for not much more than $5000. $3600 would be pretty exceptional for a brick and mortar business.

Yes thanks; I’ve been following that thread. Signa told us, “only through Amplifon.”
I’m curious to see how that thread turns out with BC&BS.

MDB, thanks. Yeah, I think if I could get the HAs and audiogram covered for the $5000 my insurance provides, then that would be fair, after all, we’ve paid $50,000 for that coverage and have barely used it!

As I think about this some more: the audi might buy the HAs for $2k, then they charge the insurance $5k, but that’s not enough! Then they charge the patient an extra $2k too! The patient who’s been paying tons of money for all this insurance! What an enormous scam!

I hope all you audis read this and think about it!

Like I said, it depends on where you live. If your audi’s business is in a high rent district, they need a pretty big profit margin to cover expenses.

Mine were about $4700 from a DAud/EMT clinic so the insurance clicked in. But that was a non-bundled deal and only included about 6 follow up visits for the first 6 months. After that, I pay per visit. My plan is to DYI after that but ???

I am paying $6210 for M90s all inclusive but I don’t know about replacement coverage (and I wouldn’t pay that at all assuming I had the option). $2500 paid by insurance, rest out of pocket.

Hmmm… You didn’t mention the insurance to the audi I hope? Get the quote, then mention insurance.

Given I found my audi through my insurance, and this is the second set of aids I am trying, I am fairly confident they knew the benefits afforded me. I am lucky though as compared to some folks on the forum for the insurance coverage but also that I am still working with many years till retirement. The amount is effectively trivial to my wife and me.

Sorry, should have made it clear whom I was replying to. I meant the op. His $2750 out-of-pocket sounds like it’s non-trivial to him.

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No worries, for some reason the forum doesn’t always link replies even when you use the direct reply button.

I question for the OP what all the add-ons are, I have no concept of that with my audi.

d_Wooluf, yes, I don’t like to play the insurance card until I get a price. Same as buying new cars, I say nothing about cash, trade-in or that I won’t pay any add-on fees, none of that until we all agree on a price, otherwise, they set their price wherever they want to gouge me the way they want.

Also, the replacement fee is not ‘coverage’. I would only have to pay $450 per each time I need to replace a HA (once per side). At Costco, this is already built into the price. Also it’s common for the manufacturer to cover that.

I will find a dispenser that will sell them at the price the Amplifon network will pay, and Cigna will cover the cost up to $5000 (every three years), or I won’t replace the KS9s. It’s time for these dispensers to get a LOT more competitive.

Actually, that’s pretty good. I’ve never seen that offered around here. It takes some of the stress out of it when you can’t find your aids. I didn’t know that about Costco.

So the replacement cost isn’t some kind of upfront prepurchasdled insurance? Why price it in then? That’s a bit confusing. I can’t imagine losing these things. I haven’t ever lost my keys or glasses and neither of those are worth many thousands of dollars…?

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You might want to correct your link. It doesn’t go to your website. Impressive prices.

Thats pretty good Paul,

I would go broke pretty quick at that price! Well done.

Well if I lived anywhere near you I would come visit but unfortunately I don’t so…I live in the DC Metroplex. Everything down to string cheese and dog grooming is more expensive in a major metro. That’s life, I accept it. We did choose to live here for a reason afterall.

The deal is: if you lose or damage a hearing aid, you pay $450 and it gets replaced. And you can do that once per side.

The reason I included that cost in my comparison is because it’s part of it. My wife has had hearing aides for 40 years and has lost or damaged a few. It happens. Costco includes this for no extra charge, and most dispensers do include this service for some cost, so it’s worth factoring that cost in. Amplifon includes it at no extra cost.