5G vs 4G LTE

Wondering if anybody can answer or direct me to another forum. I’ve read quite a bit on 5G cell service. From my understanding, it’s main advantage is speed, especially if using very high frequency bands at short range. My questions are regarding TMobile’s low frequency (600 hz) band
I asked TMobile and they said not to expect better speed but better “reliability.” Locally 5G is on band N71 and there is also LTE available on band 71 at the same frequency range. From Cellmapper,net I see there are a lot more LTE towers with band 71 than 5G towers.
Long prelude. Does 5G when using the same frequency as LTE have any better range? Thanks.

Beam-forming might make a difference. It appears 5G uses beam-forming more consistently than 4G LTE: 5G Explained: Beamforming & DSS (in Plain English) (surecall.com)

This article is just a tease but implies that newer 4G LTE transmitters use beam-forming, too, perhaps to a lesser degree: 4G LTE Cells, Sectors and Antenna Beamforming - 4G LTE Networks (4g-lte.net)

Perhaps the best answer is YMMV, depending on where you’re located…

Also, Advantages of Beamforming | Disadvantages of Beamforming (rfwireless-world.com),

And: 5G spectrum bands explained— low, mid and high band | Nokia

And: 5G Cell Towers: Why You See Them and How They Work (lifewire.com) (probably most applicable to highest frequency, lowest range part of 5G “spectrum” - which is not what you’re asking about.

Jim, Thanks! Yes, beamforming makes sense as something that would help provide better range (and reliable signal connection).
I was reading one article that suggested that just as ATT initially came out with 5G Evolution that wasn’t really full 5G, 4G LTE wasn’t really full 4G when it came out and now we have 4G LTE+ that is finally full 4G.
I think I won’t rush into 5G, expecting it will be more mature by the time LE Audio is readily available. Just bought refurbed Galaxy S10E that I really like.

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Honesty, I can’t tell the difference between 4G and 5G when using my phone, websites seem to load just as fast as I can tell, phone calls always the same, must be the upload speeds that make all the difference.

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