50% Off SRP Claim

A full page ad in our local newspaper recently offered 50% off SRP, for 3 days only, to the first 31 people trying “the latest digital hearing aid technology.” I bit and after being tested was told that the price for the recommended HA would be $5400. After verifying that these HAs (by Oticon) were those described in the ad I asked for documentation that the SRP was indeed $10,800. I was told that this might be difficult to do.

How typical is my experience?
If the documentation is not forthcoming what recourse do I have?

I get those mailings frequently. Never went. You can get a set of aids starting for around $3200 from a local clinic. If you have problems they are still around. Same goes for the aids from Costco.

I am guessing any aid with a retail of $10800 is Platinum plated and comes with a valet to put them in your ears each morning.

Manufacturers of hearing aids don’t provide suggested retail prices. It’s up to the hearing care provider to determine what their markup will be. Oticon’s list price for one Alta2 Pro is $1995.

Because they “made it up”, run from these crooks.