4 Speech Recognition Apps To Assist The Hearing Impaired

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Why would for TextHear only the Android app be free?



It’s hard to “get” the use-cases from that article. I’m really confused how they differ (or how they are similar). Like, if you are transcribing a phone call, then how do you look at your phone? You have to use speaker? Or if it’s a landline, then is the phone basically used as a display for the HOH person? Or what about face to face conversations? Do any of these do that like Live Transcribe does? Hopefully someone breaks these into a table and compares them at some point. Cool that they exist though. Before Live Transcribe, the only assistance I’ve used is CaptionCall, and asking people to repeat themselves. :wink:



Why have only four apps been examined? On Google Play there are perhaps 100 apps, of which at least 30 claim to deliver what I want - simply accurate transcription of what is being said around me. Most of the poor reviews comment upon the absence of capability to retain the text as a text file. Useful, I admit, but not essential. Many of the offerings can translate foreign languages into English, or vice versa - I do not need this. What I do need to know is - which of the 30 “possibles” is the most accurate?
Ted Roadhouse