3 urgent questions on sudden unilateral loss and use of HAs


I lost 3/4 of my hearing suddenly 6 weeks ago. Have seen ENT and tried orednisone. Wearing Resound BTE w open domes for the last 6 years for mild to mild moderate loss. The sensitivity to loud sound is painful on the effected side. I have tinnitus, but the tinnitus setting doesn’t help.
When I turn up the volume to try to compensate on the good ear and am not sure if that is making more problem on the bad one, I have been trying to have my husband wear my mini microphone so I can hear him

  1. does the sensitivity ever ease up?
  2. I have read that the Bi Cons while in theory are good, lots of people don’t bother my brother in law hates his. Any favorite brands?
    3j. We use Costco for our HAs. Would they have the technology I need?

BTW my husband is HOH and wears aids but doesn’t get it. He is getting frustrated having to be loud all day long and repeating himself louder because I am in another direction so he just is now constantly raising his voice This loss is worse emotionally than getting treated for cancer. At least we had a plan and hope to get things fixed. Am now taking anti anxiety/ depression medicine that is a help.
Am a teacher and it is exhausting and depressing saying pardon me all day long. I’m sure a lot of people here can relate.

Thanks I advance



I can relate to your problem but have a suggestion that I hope might help. I am 82 years old and my sig/other is 77. She has a beautiful high frequency low volume soft voice. I don’t want her to raise her voice because it then sounds strained and unnatural and makes her sound irritated.

I purchased the matching microphone for my hearing aids and when she wears it I can hear her well and enjoy our conversation. But it became difficult to get her to remember to consistently clip it on to her clothing each day and reminding her to do so became an irritant between us. In addition she would forget to charge it when it ran down and stopped transmitting.

So I finally did the next best thing. I clipped the microphone to a place on the side of her favorite chair, at a point approximately at the level of her mouth, and I plugged the charge cord from the AC outlet directly into it permanently. It is quite inconspicuous, to the point that she doesn’t even have to think about its presence there.

So now I hear her low volume, high frequency soft beautiful voice about 80% or more of the time and harmony has been restored between us. When she’s out of the chair I have the choice of waiting until she sits back down in it in pick up our conversation. If she speaks to me when not in the chair she is less likely to become irritated by my request to repeat herself because this occurs only in a small percentage of time in the day.

Keeping my hearing aids tuned all day to receiving from the mike causes me to go through batteries quite often but they are cheap and who cares. I keep several packets alongside my chair and one pack in my pants pocket. Compared to the benefit to both of us, I certainly don’t care.

I don’t know whether this suggestion is helpful to your situation, but perhaps it will be.

Best wishes, Nate :smiley:



I would suggest that you ask your ENT or primary care physician if you could have a maximum dose injection of Medrol. It’s a steroid that I think is kind of like Prednisone. I would say to ask about hiting the sudden hearing loss with a huge shot right now in an attempt to bring back your hearing.
I’m not a doctor, so please ask a doctor if this is a good idea. My feeling is try a last-ditch effort to restore your hearing before the loss becomes permanent. And also ask for a round of oral Prednisone to keep on hand in case you have another incident of sudden hearing loss. That way you can start Prednisone again immediately without having to try to get ahold of the doctor for a prescription.

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AUpdate. Got hearing aids adjusted so not so frustrated. Good ear was 15 less than old levels so want getting coonsanants. With adjustment bad ear isn’t gettin language but I don’t feel disoriented Just a big adjustment to love with constant timmitus like a wind tunnel and not hearing women across the room