3 million senior citizens in the US are still paying off their student loans



Yeah, and I’m one of 'em. I owe–I owe–so off to work I go.



It seems pretty obvious that their Sheepskin isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. A college education is not for everyone, yet everyone believes they will make “tons of money” having one. Americans have been Brainwashed in many ways, this is just one of them.



40% of American couldn’t make a $400 emergency expense without selling something.

Yeah, brainwashed into staying poor and stupid while the cream at the top get tax breaks.

And the solution is obviously to gut the CFPB so they can’t report on things like this. /s for sarcasm.

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Interesting. I wonder how many seniors (and others) are still paying off their hearing aids (since good hearing aids are almost as expensive as college was back in the day). :slight_smile:

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I bought my phonaks, which work great from a woman whos husband died $200.00