3 KS8 questions


I finally got my KS8s yesterday and find an improvement in daily use performance, especially in the car.

Rather than go in and bug my very good but busy HIS, I thought the group here could answer some basic questions;

1…when I call up the Smart Direct on my android phone, it does a “please wait” and takes 5 seconds to load. Normal?

2…is Bluetooth the default connect? I do not use BT otherwise and it seems to be a battery drain.

3…last night I played with programs, watching TV, movie snips on my laptop and listening to U2. Other than minor bass-treble tonal changes, I found no discernible differences. Looking at the attached pic of my usable programs, can you tell me where each is most likely to prove most useful?

Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen


5 second is normal without bluetooth you can’t use listening situation in accostic mode only can change program and volume and bass.treble . since you do not have deafness in low increasing bass will not help you


What is normal with Bluetooth?

  1. 5 seconds sounds pretty reasonable
  2. Basically leave it in Automatic all the time unless it isn’t working for you. Noise/Party can be useful in noisy situations, but again, if Automatic is working fine, no need to switch.


Thanks MDB. After a month with the KS7, which I just left on auto, I’m not surprised at your comment. I’ll play more when in different environments.


Full functionality of the app requires Bluetooth. I have found that the Noise/party program is very good with steady background noise, like machines or air handlers (unless you have an open fit).

The listening situations have a minor impact but I do use them from time to time.


Thanks Don. Just a matter of fiddling in each setting I guess. I have closed click domes; is that “open fit” Google confuses me with contradictory definitions.


Closed click domes are not open, that is, do not have the large vents. Although the closed click domes do have one tiny vent.

I was wearing the closed click domes and went to a restaurant with loud machinery and air handlers. I put the hearing aid program on noise/party and after a few seconds I thought the restaurant had lost power. Almost all background noise was gone. That program handles that kind of background noise very well.

It doesn’t seem to handle sharp, intermittent background noise and voices well. Maybe mine just needs an adjustment.


Ok, so “open fit” and “open dome” are the same thing?
I have the same as you so will just have to go out for dinner to see if I get the same result.
When the restaurant “lost power” did your table mates sound any better?


I would say not. But I’m no expert.
Maybe it’s a terminology thing. Semantics and all that.
But to me an open dome is the physical dome that is entirely vented. An open fit is the programming that makes different frequency responses due to being set to know that open domes are being used.
But my only clue there is the word “fit”.


Yep. I heard everything at my table. It handles steady background noise very well.


Good to hear Don, thanks.

Z…yes semantics. One Google says; “Open-fit hearing aids fit behind your ear, but unlike standard behind-the-ear hearing aids, open-fit hearing devices are significantly smaller. The receiver portion of the hearing aid may be housed in the small case that fits behind your ear or inside your ear canal with a very thin wire or transparent tube that connects the receiver inside your ear canal with the casing.”

Like this but not that except sometimes they are like that not this.


So next question; what is VC?
Under System sounds I have;
Program Change
VC Change
VC Limit
VC Power on position
Low Battery


I’m gonna say VC = Volume Control.


Curious…Where in Canada did you buy? M…Toronto


Well now, assuming you are addressing me, I’m curious why you are curious.


Well…as I said, I live in Hogtown and am interested in where you bought…I’m in the market after losing my aid in the dust somewhere. Don’t worry, I can manage if it remains secretive.


No, that’s fine. I just found you post ambiguous and had not see you before. I’m in BC so that probably doesn’t help you much.


Thanks for the reply.


Apparently 3 emojis is equal to 20 characters and you are welcome.