2year Old - Needs HAs-Phonak Nios H20 V recommended?

I am the mother of a 2 year old who was recently diagnosed with a moderate MIXED hearing loss in both ears. There is no history of hearing loss in either mine nor my husband’s family (other than mild hearing loss in old age for his mother and grandmother; neither of whom would wear hearing aids).

Her speech and language is very delayed and muffled! Other than this, I had no idea that she struggles to hear me (other than obviously not being able to repeat soft sounds, it’s still not obvious). The UK ENT has put her forward for genetic testing in September as he says a mixed hearing loss is very rare.

I am about to fit hearing aids. We are English but live in the US 5 months of the year. Audiologist here has recommended Phonak Nios H20 (V).

I have three questions but the first two are the most important for now.

Q1) Does anyone have experience of the Phonak Nios H20 (v)? I have no idea how to know if the audiologist’s recommendation is any good. We don’t have medical insurance in the US and so it is a lot of money to spend. I am keen to be able to qualify the recommendation.

Q2) We are not back in the UK until September and therefore, if we did not fit the hearing aids in the US she would not have them until mid October at the earliest. In the US, we could have them by August 6. 2.5 months difference.

They cost $4,800 in the US (after a 25% discount for not going through a health insurance provider). A Phonak Nathos Micro would be FREE in the UK since we have a nationalised health system. I have no idea how to determine the difference between these but I understand that the UK health care system won’t offer the top level hearing aids (since it is a nationalised health care system). I understand the Phonak Nios H20 V is mid-high level.

It is an important time for my daughter as she should be developing her speech and language. She also starts pre-school (nursery) in September. Am I better off buying the hearing aids and paying for them in the US or better off waiting 2.5 months for the UK. I am keen to get going asap and this is valuable time for me as I work shorter hours in the US compared to the UK. Thus I have more time to support her with her speech and language development once the hearing aids are in.

Q3) Can anyone tell me anything about mixed hearing losses? My understanding is that the inner ear hearing will get worse as she ages.

RESULTS: (Left ear is slightly worse than right ear but don’t have individual ear results to share).

Sound Field
500Mhz 45
1000Mhz 45
2000Mhz 50
4000Mhz 40

Bone Conduction
500Mhz 30
1000Mhz 25
4000Mhz 30

I’m not sure really what to say about what is best but I do know that the Nathos Micro is a Versata/Nios Micro with echoblock so the UK NHS one has a added feature to it that the private ones don’t.

I also know that the Nathos UP and SP are the same as the Naidas V SP and UP so the Nathos Micro may also be the same as the Nios Micro V.

I also know some people go private here in the UK but also have the nhs ones as back up.
Maybe something to think about coz if the nhs ones break whiles out in the USA, I’m not too sure they would be able to fix them. I know that they won’t be able to program them as nhs aids have a slight change in them so no one can take them to a private Audi.

At the end of the day, the faster you get those hearing aids in your childs ears, the faster their development will be.

My advice is to move as swiftly as possible, while also being mindful of your pocketbook. You could tell your people in the US that you can’t afford the top model, ask them to show you the less expensive models.

I would also get her the HA’s ASAP, 2.5 months doesn’t sound like a lot of time unless you are 2 years old and have delayed language skills because you can’t hear. I’d go with NaidaUP advice, get the private HA’s and once in the UK get the NHS aids for backup’s. Good luck!

Others will chip in but Phonak are good aids for kids.
Get them fitted by someone with lots of pediatric experience and then start pouring in the language. Look into speech therapy for her too. I don’t know about the UK but in the US she should qualify for the Infants and Toddlers programs.

Good luck