2nd generation thin tubes

Hey all…

I was at my audi last week and I picked up some new thin tubes for my GN Resound Azures. I noticed that the new tubes are labeled “Thin Tubes 2 - 2nd generation thin tubes”. They seem to be a bit thicker and much stiffer. This is great because the previous versions sometimes bent a bit too much and the tubes ended up getting pinched where they attach to the dome or the hearing aid. I tried the news ones out and they are much better at holding the dome in your ear and the sound seemed better. I wonder if this is my imagination or if the new material is harder and conducts sound a bit differently.

Anyone else notice this? I’m glad to see that the hearing aid companies are continuing to improve the technologies around these open fit hearing aids (including simple stuff like the tubing). When I went in last week, he also upgraded the firmware on the Azures and I’m noticing that the hearing aids are doing doing a few new things. They must have tweaked some of the decision making algorithms and this is quite cool. One thing I noticed is that the hearing aids instantly drop the volume whenever there is a sudden loud noise (like a car door slamming). It happens really quickly and then restores really quickly. Not sure if this is a new feature or just a change to the way the hearing aid originally operated.

Firmware updates are a really cool feature of digital hearing aids in that its just software and companies can push out new features to an existing hardware platform. I guess the real question is whether the major players will actually push out new updates or release new models and encourage you to upgrade.


Hi Jordank

I just ordered Azures mini BTE aids, hope the new tubes come with the aids, but I want to know where I can buy it. Do you mean after the firmware update, you found the aids can reduce sudden loud noise? How is your expereience with the Azure for conversation? My biggest expectation is to be able to hear people talking better.



i believe resound was a company which has the option to upgrade the firmware from a very long long time ago…

while azure is not my favorite aid, it has some cool unique features.

What I do like the most is that it has a VC which you can increase or

decrease over 9 dif. types of enviroments.

this by itself could be a good reason for buying this aid

Hey Peter,

Yes…the tubes come with the hearing aids. They usually last about 2-3 months before they get a bit discolored and you can replace them for fairly cheap.

What I meant about the firmware update is that the hearing aids are actually little computers and that the manufacturers release software updates from time to time that your audiologist can load into the hearing aids to upgrade their features. When my audiologist did the upgrade to my Azures, I noticed that the upgrade changed the way the hearing aids deal with loud, sudden noises, etc. Whenever there is a loud noise, the hearing aids now shut down the sound for a couple of seconds to prevent your ears from getting blasted. Not sure if this is a new feature but its kinda cool.

As far as your second question about the quality of these hearing aids for speech and conversation, they are awesome. I chose these aids because GN Resound has one of the most accurate sound processors on the market. Speech, music and other sounds are crystal clear with no distortion. IMHO, most hearing aids are fairly accurate in quiet environments. The real test for any hearing aid is how they perform with speech in very noisy environments. The Azures have one of the best noise reduction algorithms that I’ve tested and thats primarily why they have worked well for me.


:wink: Hi Jordan, thanks for your reply, it is a good news to me that you experience good on conversation.

I read some review on Azure, but never got an idea if it has volume control button.

Furthermore, how many times you visited you audi before the aids were settled down?

Thank you

Peter :wink:

Hi Peter,

I’ve got the Azure mini BTEs and they come in two versions. The version I have doesn’t have a volume control but it has two sets of microphones on each hearing aid plus a push button to change between 4 different programs. The two mikes allow you to use their “Natural Directionality” feature. I think the other version has a volume control on the back of the aid but you only get one mike (i.e. no Natural Directionality).

As far as number of visits, it only took maybe three visits to get the hearing aids properly adjusted. I’ve got back a bunch of extra times since then because I wanted my audi to setup a few custom programs for specific things and I also bought the bluetooth headset that they have available for these hearing aids.


Hi Jordan, I got may aids yesterday and tried them right away. I can hear conversation much better now. But I can not hear the mouse click which others hear from 3 meters away. The bad thing is that when I watch in the evening, I hear beep sounds(feed back?) on my left ear, not on right ear. Even the clock click come with a beep with every click. Did you experience this at the begining?

My aids are the same with yours, mini bte az60 DI, would you like to try to cover your left ear with your hand, see if you hear beap sound?

You mentioned the push butten control 4 programs, but I noticed that I push once(one beep), the aid is turned on, twice , two beep sounds(change program?) , the third time I pushed it(three beep), the aid is off.

I buy it online due to budget, hope you can reply my questions when you have time.

Anyone else own Azure please let me know if you have the problem.




The Azures are a very complex hearing aid. There are many different settings that you can change on these hearing aids along with four different program slots that can be used to create special use settings. There is also a telecoil that can be turned on and programmed into one of the slots. To be honest, you really need an audiologist to help you set them up and to tweak the settings for you. I’m not sure how you are going to do this if you bought them online. It probably took me 4-5 visits to my audiologist before I got things setup properly.

The beeping/ringing you are hearing is feedback and you need someone to adjust the settings to help prevent this from happening. This is typical of open fit hearing aids but it can be eliminated via a change in the settings or by using a more closed tulip dome (the round thing that sticks in your ear).

As far as the button and programs go…these can be set to just about anything by your audiologist. I’ve got program #1 set to normal hearing, #2 set to “restaurant mode”, #3 to telecoil and #4 to the DAI (direct audio input) which lets me attach a bluetooth headset or my iPod directly to my hearing aids. If you hold the button down for a few seconds the hearing aid will beep 5 times and then turn off.

Friend…my advice is to get an audiologist otherwise you are wasting your money. These are amazing hearing aids when adjusted by a talented audiologist. There are a few people on this forum who have tried the Azures and didn’t like them and I’m of the opinion the reason is that they bought them online or their audiologist didn’t know how to adjust them properly.


:wink: Thanks for your input Jordon, the good news is that after I detached the thin tube and reinstall it(it does not fit very well on the left aid, want to try another size, but found it too short 1B), the feed back is gone, there is no beep anymore. Maybe the tip is not on the right position which causes feed back and noise. I am so excited, I was wondering when I drove home today if I shoud change my left aid or another model, seems not necessary. I hope it will become better.

Yes, I will find a local audi to do adjustment later, I need the telecoil function, cause I am qualified a government program which will provide me a device I can here people in the meeting better.

For now, I can really hear people much better than before, that is what I am expecting to…eventhough I still missed some sound like mouse click, but I can hear the clock click 5 meters away. Maybe the mouse click frequency is filtered. Sometimes I feel I can hear the sound behind me better than before me. I will see if I can hear noise when I am driving tomorrow morning.

I will update later.


the third time I pushed it(three beep), the aid is off.

You have probably activated the loop/telecoil - which turns off the microphones.

Didn’t your dispenser tell you what the various programs do?

Ah, I see … you bought it online …

After did some adjustment on the thin tube, feedback seems not a problem now, but the sound on the left ear is metallic, and when my hand is close to left ear, there are still feedbacks(beeping tone is changing with the distance of my hand to the ear). Can hear much better, but still missing some sound like mouse click, water dripping from the tap.

Next week, will go to fit a FM system from a government program, and will ask the audi if she can help to do adjusting.

I am from Vancouver, anyone here know good audi in great vancouver area please recommend to me, I believe the aids really need a good adjustment, cause my expectation is not reached, I still have difficult to hear soft sound.

Jordan, do you think the thin tube fitting is important? Does the fitting influence sound quailty and feedback? if yes, I may need to order some different sizes, now I only have two sizes, 1B and 2B. Not a thin tube 2 is labled-not second gerneration? Thanks

Hope to see someone from Vancovuer area.


the 2b might refer to the size

For what it’s worth, the thin tubes on my America Hears FreedomAD LOF aids are also marked with a “2B”. I suspect xbulder is right. I think it refers to the size.