2020-Q2 Costco Hearing Aids List

Costco Hearing Aids: showing (Software locked) to Costco version software:
Some models are no longer available at Costco
2011-Q1 Future/ReSound Alera
2012-Q? Kirkland Signature 4/Unknown Rexton model
2013-Q3 Kirkland Signature 5/ReSound Verso (Aventa software locked)
2015-Q2 Kirkland Signature 6/ReSound LiNX 9 (Aventa software locked)
2014-Q1 Phonak Brio/Phonak Audéo Q90 (minus EchoBlock, CROS)
2015-Q2 Rexton Trax 42/Rexton 80 4c (QuadCore/4c platform)/Siemens 7bx
2016-Q2 ReSound Cala/ReSound LiNX2 9 (Aventa software locked)
2016-Q3 Kirkland Signature 7/Rexton 80 6c (TruCore/6c platform)/Signia 7px
2016-Q4 Phonak Brio 2/Phonak Audéo V90
2017-Q3 Rexton Legato Rexton 80 6c (TruCore/6c platform)/Signia 7px, replace Trax 42
2017-Q4 ReSound Forte/ReSound LiNX 3D 9/Beltone Trust 17 (SmartFit software locked)
2017-Q4 Bernafon Zerena
2018-Q1 Kirkland Signature 8.0/Rexton 80 8c (MyCore Platform)/Signia 7Nx
2018-Q1 Phonak Brio 3/Phonak Audéo B90 (R10, R-312T-t-coil, R13-t-coil)
2018-Q3 Phonak Brio 3 R-C / Phonak B90 Direct (hear phone in one ear, other aid=Mic)
2018-Q4 ReSound Vida/ReSound LiNX 3D 9/Beltone Trust 17 (SmartFit software locked)
2018-Q4 Costco Rexton Adore/Rexton 80 8c (MyCore Platform)/Signia 7Nx
2019-Q2 Philips HearLink 9010
2019-Q2 ReSound Preza / ReSound LiNX Quattro 9 (SmartFit software locked)
2019-Q3 Kirkland Signature 9.0 / Phonak Audéo M/Marvel (Autosense 3.0 Platform)

Note>Costco hearing aids are minus the Tinnitus feature, or if they do have it the Costco fitters will not turn it on.


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