20 years old with low hearing, how it will evolve?

Hello all!

I’m a twenty years old student with not a good hearing :

I have around -10 (with some low frequencies at -15 but only a few) at left hear and around the same at right ear WITH a decrease around -20 /-25 for 1000 hz and near frequencies.

I’m careful about my ears, i can still hear “well” ( less than other people but it’s still ok) and even if it stress me i stay positive and i’m not feared about Hearing Aids.:o

but i would like to know how my hearing, if i’m careful , will evolve. I just hope that i will not have to deal with high hearing loss at 40-50 years. My ENT say it will evolve slowly and i only have to be normally careful with hearing but if you can share your experience with me it would be nice frm you alll!

Thank you in Advance!

Hi Quentino,

I’ll share my experience. Of course it may turn out differently for you.

I had normal hearing as a child, though exposure to loud sounds like gunshots seemed to make my ears “ring” (a sign of hearing loss) more than other people. But this would be temporary. Rock concerts later caused similar issues, sometimes for a couple of days after the concert. I don’t know what this means- I’m just telling you how it was. Otherwise I had what I feel was normal hearing.

At age 19 I got the flu. I was alone, had no thermometer and nothing to reduce fever. I clearly had a terrible fever, but I don’t know how high it went. The way I have always described my hearing loss is associated with this event. I lost some hearing with this flu, as people commonly do. But after the flu, it didn’t come back.

When it became obvious I had an issue, I went to an ENT. He said I’d eventually be a candidate for hearing aids, but prescribed a drug called Pavabid. This drug helped me hear close to normal for about 10 years. But it eventually either quit working, or wasn’t enough.

I got hearing aids around 1990- I would have been 31 then. At first I only wore them sometimes. But my hearing very slowly deteriorated. I used to be very afraid that I’d go completely deaf, but I was assured that was not likely.

I began wearing my aids fulltime in about 2000. My loss has slowly worsened, reaching plateaus for long periods. I’ll be near retirement age soon. And I think I’ll be OK.

I think you need to ask the ear doctor about it. I wouldn’t assume that you’ll have more trouble than others as you age, but of course it depends. If your hearing is in the normal range, it’s normal. Some people are born with really keen hearing and some are born normal but not as keen as others. But I think it’s very good that you intend to be careful with your hearing.

Thanks for your answers, it reassure me a lot.
I wear earplugs at cinema ( in fact it’s absolutely not annoying!), for long car travels ( to let my ear rests)… a lot of little moments of protection to make sure my hearing wil be fine for a long time. But without stressing for it!

And my precedent ENT said, when i had no audiogram done a few years ago, that i had naturally not a incredible hearing. I also have cold and flue each year, and i made some otitis when i was young.
So i don’t think my hearing will degenerate, i think this is the result of a lot of things in my past. But i will check an more specialized ENT soon to be sure.

I should add that hearing loss runs in the family on my mother’s side. I didn’t know this when I was younger because I was adopted and didn’t know any of them until I was 40 years old. But when I met them it came to no one’s surprise that I wore hearing aids. Several family members do.

thanks for your answer.

No, there is no deafness running into my family. So good point i think.
And i’m very careful about my hearing ( even earplugs in cinema, some movies are really loud with special effects and all!) so i’ll make sure the natural deterioration of hearing will be even slower with me.

Any other persans who wants to share their experience?