2 Year OPN 1 miniRITE Utterly Frustrated

I apologize for not having my audiogram posted…I will get that tomorrow and do so.

15 year HA wearer. Original Oticon Delta 4000, then 8000, then Siemens Pure 7, then Starkey and now almost 2 years with the OPN 1 platform and I am so frustrated.

I have custom power domes. $300 worth.

My HA’s have now been (next week) replaced 3 times for ongoing issues with them simply ceasing to work. I have to take them off, open them up and restart them and even that doesn’t always work. Oticon is sending new ones again and extending my warranty for another year.

My hearing is horrible with these as follows:

Noisy environments…donut shop, restaurant, anyplace with any type of background noise, even ventilation noise…the background noise is so enhanced it overpowers the speech of even someone sitting next to me at my own table.

Muffled…so muffled with the power domes (my own voice especially) that I feel as if am sick and have a head cold. And it causes me to speak so loudly to hear myself that people comment on it.

Wind noise…in what my audi set as “Restaurant” which I am guessing is basically simply back mikes off, even normal walking in a department store (relatively quiet) creates horrible wind noise.

Speech recognition…bad even in testing but much worse with these HA’s. There seemed to be too much bass so we reduce it. Didn’t help at all.

Feedback…it flat out sucks. no mater what we adjust. Even if we run the feedback part of the Genie 2 software. The only way I can think of wearing them to bed is if I put them in -2 setting in the restaurant mode otherwise the howl. If I hug anyone they howl. If I raise my arm they howl. Sit in a recliner…forget it.

I have been with this audi 10 years. She has been wonderful with my other HA’s. (Oticon has always been far behind Siemens / Starkey for NR and feedback issues INHO). I just don’t understand why the issues with these OPN aids and of course I am ow stuck with $5700 worth of frustration.

Next week when back at home we will try the new pair from Oticon and load new profiles from scratch. Oticon thinks perhaps the old profiles are corrupt but I don’t by that.

And yes I am paired to both my Android Phone and a CC. Oticon tells me all the issues are BT related except when I uninstall it from the phone I have the same issues.

Beyond frustrated.

Ugh. Seeing as how I just got OPN 1’s, I am really disappointed to read about all the problems you have had with them. I hope you can get it resolved. Please keep the forum informed. Thanks.

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“Noisy environments…donut shop, restaurant, anyplace with any type of background noise, even ventilation noise…the background noise is so enhanced it overpowers the speech of even someone sitting next to me at my own table.”

Check YouMatic settings - increase settings if it needs

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Hopefully you’ll post your audiogram soon so we can have an idea about your hearing loss first.

Do you recall how you answered the five interview questions? It makes a difference in your prescribed settings.

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I dont believe I was ever asked this by any of the audis I have dealt with even through I started with Oticon Delta 4000’s.
My answers would be:
-Only Sometimes
-No to louder speech if it becomes unclear
-No to overwhelmingly loud
The last one is tough relative to comfortable sound even if it takes away softer details as most women’s’ voices are what I would consider to be “softer”

I did receive my audiogram although I haven’t had a chance yet to figure out how to get it nicely into my signature…I will do so tonight

I just posted it a few moments ago :slight_smile:

I suggest starting over with a new profile. I had a corrupt file / profile with my previous Alta2 Pros - Oticon recommended a new profile as if I was a different person and that did solve the issues with those aids. Starting over is good - clean slate for both you and Audi. Use a different middle initial in your name, so you/Audi can find the new file easily later.

I wear OPN1. I sometimes get that muffled own voice sound you describe when there is low sound in the room. I will address this at my next visit. I don’t get it in noisy environments. I changed to a smaller dome, and that seems to help, but I get more feedback. Perhaps your custom molds are the issue.

I was not successful with the suggested prescription from answering the questions and listening to the Oticon set up in Audi office. I also went back to NAL-NL1 format. Perhaps this is what you are used to hearing with your previous aids.

I am sorry for your frustration. I went through a dreadful, similar experience with my previous longtime Audi. And she seemed to blow up the aids. I finally changed Audi. Sometimes, change is good. Fresh eyes.

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Wow, you have a very challenging hearing loss, especially in your right ear.

I think in terms of managing noisy environment, with your type of hearing loss, the “open” paradigm which lets you hear all the noise around you and rely on the brain to do the filtering may not work very well. I remember a forum member (@1Bluejay) who has pretty challenging hearing loss and she tried the OPN 1 in earnest for 9 months and her brain hearing still couldn’t manage to manage in noisy environment. I think at some point in a hearing loss, the hearing faculties which allow your brain to make discerning differentiations between various sounds are gone and your brain simply can’t make the differentiation it needs to do the filtering anymore. I think she eventually gave up the OPN 1 and switched to the Phonak Audeo B-Direct and has been much happier with this new choice.

In terms of wind noise, although the OPN wind noise management is mediocre in my opinion, if you’re hearing wind noise while walking through a department store, then it’s not really wind noise you’re hearing, but something else. Maybe feedback, I’m not sure.

In terms of feedback management, it’s going be challenging with your type of hearing loss, even with custom power domes. What I’d try to do is to give up on trying to amplify those frequencies at 1KHz and above on your right ear. I think those frequencies are long gone for you and there’s no point in trying to amplifying them anymore, which simply would just exacerbate the feedback issue. I changed my 6-8KHz audiogram data points from 100dB to 0dB simply to tell the hearing aids not to try to amplify in that region anymore, because I don’t benefit from any amplification for it. At least i don’t get feedback issues in that region.

I’d also try to run the feedback analyzer in Genie 2 separately between the left hearing aid and the right hearing aid. That seems to help give me better feedback control, because my hearing loss is different between my two ears. And so is yours.

In terms of Speech Recognition, I don’t know if your audi had turned on Speech Rescue for you or not, although I don’t think that Speech Rescue would help anyway, due to your hearing loss profile. Speech Rescue only lowers sounds down to the 2KHz area, and your right ear no longer functions at 1KHz and up. But it may still help to enable it for your left ear.

In terms of the muffled sounds, I don’t know if your custom power domes have any vent or not. Usually there’s a vent hole and you can control the size of this vent hole to compromise between feedback and occlusion issues. With your hearing loss, however, there’s probably hardly much room to make a compromise anyway, so I’m not sure if there’s much to do to alleviate the occlusion issue.

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Jfenton, I could’ve penned your original post - to the LETTER - just one year ago. I’d trialed the OPN 1 for 9 mos by then, and still had utter frustration with them - so much so that I traded them in for Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids.

I guess all I can add is that for some folks the OPN just was not the answer. I’m also a long-time Oticon fan and user, so I was utterly perplexed by my experience with their state-of-the-art aid.

Being the pitbull that I am, tho, I just kept a detailed log of all the problems, issues and follow-up appointments with my aud-guy - plus the correspondence I had with Oticon tech support.

My aud-guy very graciously gave me a super deal on the Phonaks, so do the same: be methodical and persistent till you get a device that works for YOU. Our hearing is such an individual thing, it can only be measured and judged by us.


LOL!!! I just posted this and see your post flew in ahead of me. Yup. That’s ME! The very same bluejay who simply could never adjust to the OPN.


I believe Bluejay had her problems with the OPN before we realized that for some inexplicable reason the Oticon software can set up the “Open Sound Navigator” and specifically the “Youmatic LX” very low and sometimes zero. This setting is the heart and soul of the OPN’s ability to suppress background noise when speech is detected.

The original poster should check with his provider to insure that it is maxed out as posted above by Lostdeaf.

Personally I prefer both noise reduction simple and complex maxed out and transition set to medium.


Same here, I have all noise reduction values maxed out. I don’t see any reason to have them at low values. If there’s no noise, the OpenSound navigator would not over reduce the noise because the noise model is not going to include any noise. And if there’s noise in the noise model, the OpenSound navigator will reduce the corresponding amount/level of noise from the speech signal. But if you don’t set the noise reduction values to the max, the noise reduction may under reduce the noise if the max value set is less than the noise value.

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Are these settings that can be experimented with by the user through an app, or do they require an appointment with the audiologist to adjust these settings?

The OpenSound navigator settings are adjusted using Oticon’s Genie 2 fitting software. Not via an App.

So, to be clear, fine tuning these settings to a users preference would require multiple office appointments to discover what works best? I take it the “Genie 2 fitting software” is not something the user has access to at home?

Most would have this done with one or more visits to the audiologist office.

But it’s not impossible to do this yourself. Look in the DIY section if you are interested in more detail, otherwise let your audiologist do it.

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Coroplast, I was just in to see my aud-guy today, and he explained that I have sensoneural hearing loss, which makes it really challenging for my ear/brain connection to make sense of things - especially speech! - in noisy places. I think that may have been a reason why the Oticon OPNs never worked for me. My brain was just beaten to a jelly with the overload of SOUND all around. I sure don’t recall if my aud-guy mentioned “Open Sound Navigator” during any of my MANY MANY follow-up appointments to try and get those aids to work for me.

Luckily, I’m super happy now with the Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids I’ve had the past year. :blush:

Just switch to fixed directional and max Noise reduction it will surely work but only with custom mould