2 questions on Pure 7px

I just purchased 2 new aids to replace my old widex (8 years old). I was fitted yesterday. During the fitting, the audiologist said that she did not want to program any additional programs beyond “automatic”. She said that the aids are designed to work best in a completely automatic fashion. She also was hesitant to turn on the volume control. I had her add a second “noisy environment” program and activate the volume control. So far, I am very satisfied with the aids. I can hear so much better than the old ones (they were not RIC). And things sound natural, no distortion, etc. But I would still like to explore additional programs. I will be vacationing soon and will be in very large groups in a hall environment. I fear that the aids may not help much in that environment. Is there a program maybe I could ask to have loaded that would help this? Any recommendations on programs? She has set up my next appointment for 03/27 - which is a couple of days before I leave on vacation. She told me to leave the aids in the automatic program and avoid using the volume control until I see her. She says that this should show that the aids work best when in the automatic program. Thoughts? I also downloaded the android app (touch control) and connected it to the aids so I can control volume and programs via the phone. I also experimented with the spatial configuration option and all seems to work well. But I’ve read that the change made by using the phone app is only temporary and will reset to defaults after 15 minutes. Anyone have any experience with the app (android)?

Also, question 2 - the wires that go from the aid to the receiver are 2 different lengths. The aid on the right sits nearly behind the ear, while the aid on the left sits on top of the ear, due to it being a shorter wire. Can this be easily changed by my audiologist at my next appointment? i wonder if I need to let her know ahead of time so that she has the cable there. Or is this something she should just have (like the domes).

Thanks for any advice - so far these are seeming to be well worth the money. This is my 4th set of aids over a 26 year period, so I am not new to hearing aids, just this brand and model.

I don’t have the Pure 7px so I can’t comment on the first question. On the second question, when I first got my OPNs, the wires were too long in my case so the audi changed to shorter wires for me, but not until the next appointment, because she didn’t have them in stock. So I assume that it should be easily changed, but you should probably tell her ahead of time so she can pre-order them if she doesn’t have them. On my OPNs, the wire is permanently connected to the receiver, but plugs in and out of the HA. So it’s not just the wire that was changed, because the wire comes with the receiver as one piece. That’s probably why it’s not as easy as replacing the wire, because the receive must be replaced as well.

It’s weird that they didn’t fit you with the same wire length in the first place. It could be that they didn’t have 2 in stock so they went with one each for you, I don’t know.

I don’t know how far up your left HA sits. If it’s really too far up that it’s visible when looking from the front or the side, then it’s probably too far up and should be replaced. But if it sits higher but still behind the ear and not visible from the front or side then that may be preferred over having it sit too low, which is why I changed to a shorter wire on both sides in my case. There are 2 mics on my OPN and my audi prefers the top mic (which picks up sound from the front) sit as high as possible behind the ear for better sound pick up.

I went today and she replaced the wire - much better now. Just as you said though, the wire and the receiver are one piece. it was a very quick swap. As to programming additional programs - she didn’t have any suggestions one way or another about what ones I should have. But she told me that they can be added - up to 4 more, at any time. So, for now, I’m only using the automatic one. I really haven’t had a chance to try the “noisy environment” one yet. So far though, these are so much better than my old aids. I guess after 8 years, the technology has really improved.

BTW, thanks for answering!

IMO, you should have her program volume change, program change and mute on your left rocker and spatial control your right rocker. I agree with only loading the default/auto program just use volume control if something annoys you. The 15 minute timeout saves all the folks who would never change it back it will become adjustable later. If you simply cycle through the control it will reset the timer. Since you didn’t mention easyTek I’ll skip that other than to say you would love it.

Keep a journal of situations where you have problems and when you’re particularly pleased.

If she hasn’t already, make sure the audiologist prints out the instruction sheet, under her “documentation” tab from her Connexx fitting program. It will have an image that you scan with your phone . This automatically programs your phone for the App. This way you get the different program names to show up on your phone and also a battery check function. If you set up your app manually, you don’t get them.

I’m using the Android app with the same aids you have and find these features very helpful.