2 forum support questions - notifications and audiograms

I am having 2 issues; thank you for guidance how to fix them.

I have my notifications set as attached. But when there is a post to a thread I created, I do not get a notification. Laptop, Windows 10, Firefox. What do I need to change, and where do I find it?

Audiograms: I have 5 audiograms set up as attached. When anyone - even ME! - looks at my account, the first one, the OLDEST one, is what shows up. Do I just delete all the others? I thought it said somewhere to add all you have, and that is what I did.

OK now I have a THIRD problem.

In a thread, when I click on MY AVATAR, this is what shows as a pop up. WHERE is this? It is all OLD DATA and needs to be removed. I’ve been over and over the profile but I don’t see where there info is, so I can’t change it.

I struggle with the audiogram data here too, especially when I want to change something. One thing you might want to try is to go to the Home section at the top left of the page and sign in there. It may allow you to delete data from the audiogram.

OK did that and found an entire new set of profile settings. I think I have that sorted.

I found where I had entered the first part of the info when you click on my avatar and I have deleted all of that. BUT the wrong audiogram is still showing up. No idea where that is drawing from.

GOT IT!! The audiogram does NOT draw from the date field. It draws from ‘last created.’ So I deleted all the old ones and NOW the proper one appears when someone clicks on my avatar.

Yep, that looks like what I got when I put it in the Connexx software. If you go to Costco they will re-do the audiogram and I suspect will use more frequency points.

AND I still do not receive notifications. Too tired to deal with it again tonight, will try again tomorrow.

If you are expecting to get an e-mail for a notification, I am not sure this forum does that. What I see for notifications are little blue dots with a number in them beside the posts that I have a response to, or to threads that I have allowed to be tracked. At the bottom of each thread you can reset your notification preference for each individual thread.

I get an email notification if someone replies directly to one of my posts, i.e. hits the “Reply” arrow at the bottom right of my specific post. If they just add a “reply” at the bottom of the whole thread (click the blue button), then no email notifications.

@Igpiper to me, it makes no sense that where they click reply changes if I get a notification or not. But I was sure to click under your specific post.

How did you get your city state to show? I am near you, in Methuen! Just wanted to wave to a neighbor, lol! :wave:

Hey I found it, got my city state to show!

I think I went to Methuen once, with a choral group that sang at a fancy olde-tyme hall of some sorts. Many years ago.

Yeah, it’s been a struggle at times to figure out how to get things to show or not. It took quite some time to get my location show up, and also quite some time for word-recognition scores. Takes some poking around.

Just a quick note about the audiograms. We first look for the latest test date, and if for some reason test date is not set, we look at audiogram creation date… If any of you have issues with how that’s working, let me know, as I’d like to look specifically at your user account and see what’s up.

Regarding the forum notifications, what I do is watch any threads or categories that I’m interested in. See screenshot below:

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Thank you for the graphic @AbramBaileyAuD. Last time I came on the forum I went in and changed my setting from “tracking” to “watching.”

Came back on today, and 2 threads had additional posts. I’m still not receiving any email notices. So frustrating trying to get the settings the way I want them to work.

As for the audiograms, I did have all the dates set up. You can’t go look at my input now, as I had to delete all but the newest in order to have it appear when folks clicked on my avatar.

Looks like we have an issue delivering to you specifically, so this isn’t a forum issue:

I will look into a fix for you today.

Re: audiograms, let me get back to you, I will do some testing.