$15 Hearing Aids?

I know you all have seen them. Those in the ear hearing aids sold by some mail-order company for $15. Has anybody tried them? What is the difference between them and the ones we buy? How does it sound? Does it amplify sound any?

I’m just curious… Plus my hearing aid is acting up and I don’t have $1000 right now to get another one so I might get one of these cheap things if they work at all until I can save up money for the real thing.

Do some research. Its a good idea to buy a cheaper brand until you can save up enough to buy a more reliable and expensive version. That’s what i would do.

Unless your instrument is truely ancient, it likely can be repaired; repairs will range from $100-$300, the cost being set more by where you have it repaired more so then what it actually needs done to it.

I gotta believe even a 15 year old analog that has been fit to you would sound better then a generic off the shelf unit (delivered retail for $15).

Before I became a dispenser in the UK I looked very seriously at selling those cheapy things over-the-counter.

As part of my research I bought it all sorts of different styles of these cheapo aids.

They were all AWFUL … large weird shape pink or brown horrors which stuck out of your ears.

You won’t want to ear them in the street … and in the privacy of your home you might as well use one of those cigarette box sized heairing booster amplifiers with a pair of headphones attached … the audio quality will be a lot better.

However a pair of REAL hearing aids, however cheap, is likely to be the best solution.

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you pay what you get