12 vs 24

Is there noticeable difference between 12 and 24 channels? thank you

For all but a tiny minority of loss types 12 channels is far more than enough.

Unless you have odd ball type of loss 5 or 6 channels will be fine.

Why do the manufacturers push more channels? Because more of anything is better…right? More actually means (for most losses) higher prices and therefore more profit. In most product lines most HOH would be hard-pressed to hear any difference between the mid priced model with 6 or 8 channels and the high priced model…usually a marginally usefull feature is the difference.

There are highly regarded professionals that think 5 or 6 channels will handle 99% of the patients.

And there is a small penality with so many channels…slightly higher IM distortion…little higher battery drain…longer through put time (clashes with direct vent sounds)…possible higher inter-channel phase distortion. And rare is the audiologist that has the time to individually ascertain the precise adjustment for a multitude of channels. Ed

Once you get above 6 channels, studies have generally shown very minor benefits. Unfortunately, many of the other advanced features tha are very beneficial are only available on the more expensive aids that have more channels.

My recent experience trialing Oticon Acto Pros (6 channels) and Unitron Moxi 20s (20 channels) is that the Moxis blow the other away for the same price… maybe better hardware, but I definitely can hear the difference when the aids are adjusting over the 20 channels rather than the six…much smoother and less drastic and more natural in my own experience as a professional musician…probably better software and features on the chip too… but for the same price…

I can certainly tell the difference between 6-8 channels and 16-20 - but that’s not to say most people can. Some people can tell the difference between a $20 and $50 bottle of red too (but i can’t ;-))

Whether it’s worth the price difference is purely subjective.

As a rule of thumb, I generally recommend (all other things considered) the step down from the premium range as you’re getting virtually all features for a lower rate than if you get the premium device…

generally speaking the more channel an aid has the more sophisticated it is. However, imo the top 2 brand today are phonak and oticon. phonak’s top of the line model has 20 channels while oticon top of the line aid only seems to have just 10 channels.

Oticons are not duds when it comes to hearing others in noise. In fact they are arguably the best aids when it comes to hearing others in noise. Phonaks are only better if you use 2 aids in tandem with their stereozoom features. Hearing people in noise has very little to do with the number of channels the aids support.

I find that a lot of new users think that sound quality/channels or manipulation of the gain or compression on the aid will help to hear others in noise. None of this really helps to hear in noise. It’s all about the directional microphones and how the dsp chips manipulates the sounds coming from them.

Thank you for the replies to my post question about 12 vs 24 channels.
The responses pretty much correlate with what the audiologist I saw said.
May all of you be well, happy, and peaceful.