12 sec start up delay on the Naidas

My Audi changed my start up delay to 12 secs due to my tight fitting earmolds.

I don’t mind having the 12 sec delay but am curious as when I turn them on, about 2 secs later they turn on/whistle but then they turn off again for 10 secs and then turn on.

Are they meant to do that short turn on/whistle or should it stay quiet for 12 secs and then turn on? I would of thought, they would of stayed turned off.

My guess is they are running some sort of feedback test and need them on in that first 2 seconds to gather some data.

I didn’t know you could adjust the start up time like that. I always hated how long it took to turn on, 12 seconds would be way too long for me.

It should be turned off for 12 sec and then turned on.
There is no feedback test.

12 secs is quite a long time but it doesn’t bother me waiting so long to turn on.

I think the initial turn on is for feedback test as when they turn on for good, they don’t whistle like crazy now which they did when I had no start up delay.

If you power the HA on, the waiting time for making the HA doing the job is 12 sec.
Most settings are: 6,12 and 18 sec.
Default is 12 sec.
There is no need for a feedback test every time the HA is powered on.

When the hearing loss is high, the amplification of the HA is high.
In addition there is transition / insertion loss requiring a very strong amplifier.
When the amplifier is turned on, there is a small time for feedback correction, but also for correcting the amplification. It does not make sense to check for feedback before the HA’s are in the ears. That would cause false positive results and draws much needless energy from the batteries.

The hearing aids are in the ears when they initially turn on.

My Audi and I also saw on the software that I didn’t have a start up time before he changed it.

I have always been told before the start up delay got changed that the reason why my aids were feedbacking like crazy when I first turned them on and were in my ears and BTE was placed behind my ears was the feedback control kicking in.

My Naidas are set to the very max and my left ear is still underpowered even tho I have the Naida UPs.

Siemen aids can have up to a 18 second delay with or without them playing a little tune. YMMV.

The hearing aids turn on for just a second when you close the battery door, then shut off/mute for the rest of the 12s start up time then turn on again.

It’s a system self check not a feedback test.

Thanks you :slight_smile: