12 mm domes for Oticon BTEs?

I am currently using a set of Oticon BTE aids with 10 mm open design domes. the issue is i don’t get a good enough seal. is there anyone who makes a larger dome, say 12 mm?

Myself, I have large ear canals (so I am told). I use the 10mm Open Dome on Oticon Hit Pro RITE in both ears.

When I first got them, I thought the dome should be stuck halfway into my ear canal, much like the way I insert those flexible foam ear plugs. I quickly realized if I push them in that far, the rigid wire that goes to the tiny “speaker” (referred to as the receiver for some strange reason) seemed too short. Also, they kept on ‘wanting’ to come out to the entrance to my ear canal.

I spoke with my audiologist about fit, and looked into my own ears (using two mirrors). I found the hearing aids I have work best when I can just see the very back-portion of the receiver, kind of flush with the entrance to my ear canals. Also, there is a tiny plastic wire that loops around inside the open part of the ear. If I push the receiver in too far, that little holder wire wants to protrude straight outwardly instead of it comfortably resting in the lower, rounded part of my ear (to help prevent the receiver from falling out).

It may be that you need larger domes, although I think in my research I found that the 10mm are large and are actually the largest made (someone please correct me if I am wrong on this).

It might be that you are not inserting your domes the proper distance into your ear canal.

You may be completely right. i certainly cant find anything larger than 10 mm. Im going to ask my audiologist if i’m inserting them the correct distance. Thanks for answering!

Look at page 17 of the following .pdf file:

I have Oticons and my Audi gets me 12mm domes directly from oticon

Open domes? Not the closed ones, the ‘airy’ ones. Mine cant find those in 12 mm.