1 x bad ear and 1 x good ear, can the amplified sound from my bad ear transmit to my good ear?

My right ear has got good hearing.

My left ear doesn’t have good hearing and is a conducive loss so requires more power then SN losses.

When I’m listening via my ComPilot, it feels like I’m hearing the audio from the ComPilot in both ears.

As I require a lot of power, can the sound vibrate across to my right cochlear?

When I put my left hearing aid in my right ear, it’s super super painful and very loud and it feels like my ear drum is vibrating.


I think I’ve read that from 40db gain while bone conduction testing, fluids in both cohlea shake.

Also, when difference between two ears is I think 60, they have to mask better ear to keep it busy, because 60 goes through the head/brain.

I think I got the numbers right, I was reading flash cards for audiology exams the other day :joy: so don’t hold me for numbers, but the rest is true. If they didn’t made wrong flash cards :rofl:

If you have 80db gain, then definitely yes, it goes through.

And please, don’t play around with putting power aid into good ear.

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Zebras, Blacky is right.
You know I have a CI on my right side. When I have a test for a audiogram with headphones I actually hear nothing in my right. Instead I hear high volume low to mid frequencies from the right Headphones in my left ear via the bones.
On the other hand when I am on the telephone I can hear high pitched sound in my right CI although I hold the telephone next to the left ear.
When I am listening to music via bluetooth then my children can easyly listen what is leaking my HA.
That being said you probably hear those high volume sound coming both ways to the other ear: by bone (low and mid freqs) and via air (high freqs).

When will you have your second surgery so that you no longer suffer from any conductive loss? :slight_smile:

They won’t do the surgery needed to correct my conductive loss on my left. I had 3 x surgeries on my left as a child so they said they don’t want to re open that side as they can’t guarantee it’ll work.

I’ve started the process of seeing if I can get a BAHA. The GP has sent a referral but haven’t heard anymore, properly because of Covid.

What a pity with your left.

My left ear has had a conductive loss longer then my right.

My mom says I was 6 years old when my damage occurred in my left ear and I’m now 30 years old.

I was disappointed that they wouldn’t do surgery but it’s been so long with having a hearing loss in my left that I can’t remember not having a hearing aid.

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