1 pair of Oticon Opn hearing aids and 2 ConnectClips

I have Oticon OPN hearing aids. I have been using my personal connect clip at work. My employer recently bought a connect clip and SUB dongle for me to use at work. I can now use mine for my personal use (without having to take to and from work). My problem is that I have had to reconnect my hearing aids to each connect clip. Can my hearing aids only be paired with one connect clip at a time? Is there anything I can do to avoid having to reconnect them every day?

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My Audi told me that the OPN and OPNS aids will only connect to one connect clip.

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I would suggest you use the new work ConnectClip for both work and home use and keep your personal ConnectClip as a spare. It’s such a small thing to take with between home and work that it should not be a hassle. Many folks are starting to complain that their ConnectClips are not keeping a full charge like in the beginning anymore. That’s a more reason to “save” your personal Connectclip and use the work one.

Because the battery in the ConnectClip is of the Lithium type (not sure if Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer, but all the same Lithium something anyway), it’s probably ideal to keep it at 50% charge for long term storage. So charge your personal one fully, and let’s say if it lasts you usually 2 days, use it for 1 day then store it away and switch to the work one.